The Wonder City
written by Justin Rivers, illustrated by Courtney Zell

Exciting news! The Wonder City is now being published serially each week on Untapped Cities, a website that offers unique, inside looks at the New York City you know and love and the New York City you don't know and love.  Definitely check it out.  In 2017, books 1 and 2 will be published in installments and then the story continue as a webcomic with all new material.

Below are a few pages from the The Wonder City, written by Justin Rivers and illustrated by Courtney Zell. The Wonder City follows the exploits of a working class Brooklyn family and a librarian turned gumshoe bent on unraveling the mystery of New York City's founding and its future. The first book in the series, The Great Whale of Coney Island was self-published in 2011. The second issue, The Tovernboak, debuted September 2015.  For more information, previews of issue 3 or to purchase, visit The Wonder City website.

Crate Diggers
story by Michael Scully, adapted and illustrated by Courtney Zell
published 2014 by Ninth Art Press in Subcultures Anthology

An Illustrated Guide to Louis Armstrong's House
Appeared on The Bygone Bureau, April 2013

An Illustrated Guide to Katharine Hepburn's Slacks
Appeared on The Bygone Bureau, February 2013

An Illustrated Guide to the Country Music Hall of Fame